Is the convergence of physical security and IT markets impacting the effectiveness of your selling and marketing strategies? Matterhorn Consulting has been guiding system integrators, manufacturers and end users up Mt. Convergence since 1999!

Every training program I have coordinated has been more successful with Paul’s participation. His customized content uniquely addresses the specific needs of each company, and always provides sustainable results. Paul’s knowledge of selling and technology coupled with his engaging style is a winning combination.”

Jennifer Martin

Manager, worldwide channel programs
Pixim, Inc.

Today's market for the Security System Integrator is perpetually evolving; stay ahead of the curve with up-to-the-minute information on prevailing technology and trends from a company whose business is convergence.

The convergence of IT/IP technology and physical security presents opportunities and great challenges.

Is your sales team ready?

As IT/IP convergence starts to redefine the buying processes for security integrators, being prepared can mean the difference between success and failure. Are the following types of statements becoming common in your company?

  • “Buying processes with our best customers are changing and we may not be ready to change with them.”

  • “It is a real challenge to speak with and to understand how IT Departments work.”

  • “The IT Departments of our customers are exerting more buying decisions and we don’t have a strong relationship with them.”

  • “Our customers are becoming increasingly price sensitive, resulting in more competitive bidding environments.”


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